Crisis communication via app


No company is prepared for crises. Whether economic slumps, company takeovers or currently the coronavirus (COVID-19). In most cases, crises occur without long notice and, first and foremost, create a great deal of uncertainty among all employees. A trusting and complete internal communication is then the first and most important step in crisis management.

Quickly reach everyone
The faster and easier you can communicate with all the people in the company, the faster you will be able to manage the situation and calm your minds. In such situations, companies that already rely on an employee app benefit in particular from the rapid transmission of information and mobile networking among all employees. Enlightening information create trust, important news can be transmitted very quickly via push messages and by means of read receipts you know that everyone has also read the information.


The LOLYO employee app for crisis management

  • Easily reach all employees
  • Rapid transmission of information
  • Push messages on important news
  • Get instant read receipt
  • And much more



Because of Coronavirus in the Home Office The LOLYO employee app also makes the home office much easier, as employees can communicate with everyone in the company at any time with their smartphones and actively participate in corporate communication.


This is how easy it is to get to your employee app

1. choose
2. Order cloud package online
3. Importing employee data
4. Download LOLYO employee app
5. Start