The multifunctional
Employee app


Complete communication with ALL employees

The LOLYO Employee App is a mobile intranet that connects ALL employees of a company. Above all, they also reach those 70 of the workforce who do not sit at the desk in front of a computer. In addition to the simple possibility of information and communication, the LOLYO employee app offers a variety of other valuable functions.


Important news from your company
(with video or photo gallery)

Easily share news and important information in News Feed. Get valuable feedback from the workforce immediately or actively conduct surveys. The integrated motivation system encourages participation, and since one is “rewarded” for reading, everyone is always informed. all always informed.


Chat with colleagues (send files, etc.)

Either as a single or group chat – the conversations always remain in the company. In times of data protection and GDPR a must. Via the employee directory, it is very easy to find the desired employees and to contact them directly.


Post experiences to the wall, as on social media

Here, your employees post personal experiences, experiences and information that they want to share with their colleagues in the company. This is where a motivating dialogue is created among all your employees in a social media manner.


Important documents always at hand

In the library you can easily download documents, pictures and videos. Each file can be assigned to one or more groups. Thus, everyone receives only what is intended for him.


All dates at a glance with cancellations and cancellations

The appointments can be entered very easily and assign to groups or even individual employees. With the function of the confirmation of participation, an appointment invitation becomes child’s play.


Have a say and have a say

With this easy-to-use survey tool, you can set up an employee survey in minutes. The questions appear in the app’s newsfeed. Whether you want to participate in a celebration or if you want to know more about the satisfaction of your employees, LOLYO makes it easy for you.

Push messages

Important information directly to your smartphone

Forget emails or unanswered calls.
There is no more efficient way for your employees to
than with a push message on the mobile phone.

Employee directory

Reaching colleagues quickly

The contact list quickly provides colleagues with information for a quick exchange of information. Where you used to need phone numbers or e-mail addresses, now just click on the desired contact.

Custom Pages

Designing individual content

The Custom Pages offer you the possibility to create your own pages very quickly and to provide them in the app. Integrate videos and documents to make the page even more informative.

Employees recruit employees

Your employees become recruiters

This integrated function allows your
employees, vacancies very easy to share and recommend. Interested parties are directed directly to a landing page where they can apply directly.

Your own
Corporate App

The LOLYO Employee app preserves the appearance of your company.

The social intranet thus quickly becomes part of your corporate identity. The corporate culture is actively lived and connects all employees and managers under the umbrella of a corporate philosophy.

Easy to manage:

THE CMS from LOLYO guides users intuitively through all functions. Maintenance is therefore extremely easy. And whether you’re sitting in the office or on the go, the app’s content can be managed with your PC and smartphone. The clear statistics tool ensures that you always keep an eye on the app activity.


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