The multifunctional
employee app


Complete communication with ALL employees

The LOLYO employee app is a mobile intranet that connects ALL employees of a company. You can also reach those 70 percent of your employees who are not sitting at their desk in front of a computer. In addition to the simple possibility of information and communication, the LOLYO employee app offers a variety of other valuable functions.


Important news from your company
(with video or photo gallery)

Disseminate news and important information simply and easily in the news feed. Obtain valuable immediate feedback from your employees or conduct surveys actively. The integrated motivational system encourages employees to engage, and since they get “rewards” for reading, everybody knows what is going on.


The direct line to and between your employees

Whether it is a single or a group chat: all conversations remain in the company. An absolute must in times of data protection and GDPR. Colleagues find each other easily in the list of employees and get in touch immediately.

Notice board

Your internal social media

This is where your employees post the personal experiences, events and information they wish to share with their company colleagues. Here, all your employees can engage in a motivated dialogue – social-media-style.


Important documents always at hand

The info point allows you to provide videos and documents easily, regardless of whether it is a manual or a presentation of your company. Every video or document can be assigned to one or several groups. This ensures that every employee only receives the content designated for them.


With that feature, your employees will never miss an important appointment again.

The appointments can be entered very easily and assigned to groups or even individual employees. The confirmation of participation function you can easily see or export an overview of participants.

Survey tool

Direct feedback from your employees

Create an employee survey within a matter of minutes with this user-friendly survey tool. Surveys help you obtain targeted feedback from your employees and increase their job satisfaction and commitment.

Push messages

Send important messages directly to the smartphone of your employees or colleagues

Bid farewell to e-mails and phone calls without reply. There is no other, more efficient way to reach your employees than sending a push notification to their phone.

Employee directory

Reaching colleagues quickly

The contact list enables your employees to exchange information quickly. Where previously you needed telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, now you simply click on the desired contact.

Custom Pages

Designing individual content

Custom pages allows you to swiftly create new pages and share them in the app. Make the page more interesting and informative by integrating videos and documents.

Recruiting through recommendations

Your employees become recruiters

This integrated function permits your employees to share and recommend vacancies easily and effortlessly. With one click, interested parties are directed to a landing page where they can immediately apply for the job.

Your very own
corporate app

The LOLYO employee app with your corporate image.

The social intranet will swiftly become an integral part of your corporate identity. Company culture is an active component of company life and connects all employees and managers under the auspices of your company philosophy.

Easy to manage:

The LOLYO CMS guides users intuitively through all functions of the app. This makes maintenance extremely easy. Regardless of whether you are in the office or on the road, you can easily manage the app content from your smartphone or computer. The well-structured statistics tool makes sure you never miss any app activity.


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