Employee surveys are finally becoming easy!


With the LOLYO Mitarbeiter-App employee app, you can conduct surveys in minutes and it’s also fun.


Employee surveys are a very effective tool, because you increase employee engagement and you also receive valuable information about the wishes and needs of the workforce. However, conducting surveys by analogy in practice is a very complex process, which can take several months.

The LOLYO Employee app is very different, because the app is a tool that every employee communicates with on a daily basis. Setting a survey into the app takes a few minutes and is then immediately played out in the newsfeed to everyone (or a defined group). If you want, the voting results can be displayed from the same, which increases the participation and the fun factor.

LOLYO Employee App Employee Survey

With the LOLYO Employee App, surveys become a constant part of your corporate culture, increasing the satisfaction and commitment of each individual employee.


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