Employer Branding:

Become an employer you love!

We are living in a period of full employment and now there is hardly a company that does not suffer from a shortage of skilled workers. An effective way to counteract this situation is to invest in building an attractive employer brand.


Employer branding begins in internal communication

Employer branding is always part of the entire brand communication, it is also given a look behind the scenes. However, it is precisely this insight into the company that makes employer branding so sensitive, because this image must be borne by its own employees. They are the ones who are ultimately supposed to support the branding campaign. Therefore, the core message of the campaign must be absolutely authentic and be able to be communicated seamlessly within the company.

The LOLYO employee app makes it possible to pass on the brand values to all employees on a permanent scale, so that everyone is a part of the company idea. This is the only way to create a strong and sustainable employer brand.

Combine your employees into an unbeatable collective!

For complete internal communication, we recommend integrating the LOLYO employee app into your company in the spirit of a sustainable employer branding campaign. LOLYO is a social intranet with motivation system, with which you can easily reach all your employees and bind them to your company. LOLYO makes it possible to carry your corporate identity to each and every one of your employees. This way, your entire workforce becomes part of your business idea.


Word of mouth is the turbo for your employer brand

With the employee advertising programintegrated into LOLYO, you can ignite a broad wave of recommendations and thus significantly increase the success of your Employer Branding campaign.

Increase the success of your Employer Branding campaign now with the LOLYO Employee App!