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The LOLYO employee app in the home office


In the new flexible world of work, the home office is becoming more and more widespread. However, what was recently regarded by many professionals as the longed-for form of work has now become an imposed reality in the current coronavirus crisis.

Digital infrastructure
But for home work to work, there must be infrastructure. Whether meetings, data exchange or a short question to the colleague, all this must of course also be possible in the home office. Usually this is via email, phone and chat (WhatsApp?). But when almost everyone works from home, as they do now, overcrowded email accounts, countless chats, and a long phone list can lead to real chaos.

At home and yet in the company
The LOLYO employee app is an ideal tool for this purpose. The chat is GDPR compliant, simplifies communication and data exchange with colleagues. The library is very easy to provide data and the virtual wall is the internal social media. As soon as you get started with the app, you will be immediately informed about the most important news from the company. This means that no information is lost and everyone always feels like a part of the company.


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