motivation on a new level!

The employee app with a unique motivation system

The greatest potential for the company’s success lies in the motivation of each individual employee. Practice and numerous studies confirm that the most important thing for human beings is not the level of remuneration, but rather the level of recognition.



So that your employees can also use the app

With LOLYO, your employees receive the important recognition and are motivated to participate. The system is based on the principle of reciprocity – a very strong basic principle of human action.

The first social intranet that motivates!

LOLYO has an integrated motivation system that encourages employees to participate.

This system “rewards” the participants for various activities in the app with points. Such activities can include reading and commenting on social posts or recruiting new employees through LOLYO. The points can be redeemed in the app for bonus items that you can define and provide yourself.


How it works
the motivation system: