The first social intranet that motivates.

Your workforce becomes a motivated community.

In a social intranet, you communicate in the style of social media. For most people, Facebook & Co is now part of the daily routine, and that’s what makes this form of communication so valuable to businesses. You can reach the people in the company more directly and more personally.

Motivated to read and report.

As part of the LOLYO employee app, the social intranet is even more efficient, as you can reach almost all people in the company anywhere and anytime via smartphone. What is unique about LOLYO is that employees are motivated to participate actively on the intranet. This is ensured by the integrated motivation system.

LOLYO Social Intranet

The LOLYO Social Intranet motivates you to participate.

Compared to the classic intranet, the information transmitted on the social intranet seems more attractive thanks to the social media style. It will also make it easier to provide the information, as formal texts can be dispensed with here.

The company’s in-house messenger completes the social intranet. The employee list quickly finds colleagues, which enables a rapid exchange of knowledge.

Through this personal form of communication, a social intranet can strengthen the cohesion of people in the company and have a lasting positive influence on the corporate culture. This is the first and most important step that must be taken in employer branding.


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