The employee app,
which motivates you to participate

Reach all your employees anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Reaching all employees

 Connects employees to each other

Increases employee engagement

Increases employee satisfaction

Facilitates cooperation

 Promotes internal communication

Supported Your Recruiting

Strengthens your Employer Brand


In times of declining employee loyalty, skill shortages or crises, complete internal communication is becoming increasingly important.

Reaching all employees
With your LOLYO employee app, you can open a direct and personal channel to all your employees. In particular, they reach the 70 percent who do not sit at their desk in front of a computer.

The first employee app that motivates
The LOLYO employee app motivates you to participate, as activity is rewarded through an integrated points system. This motivation system guarantees that a maximum of your employees will install and actively use the employee app.

Always informed – constantly motivated.


Why the LOLYO employee app?

Winner in cost-benefit

Easy to Use

Easiest maintenance

Extensive functions

Your corporate design ideally integrated

Integrated motivation system

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No minimum term

No hidden costs


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