The One-for-all –
All-in-one employee app!


A great variety of functions? That’s the LOLYO standard!

With the LOLYO employee app, you get a complete mobile social intranet with extensive features – even in the basic version. In other words: apart from the add-ons, you get all current and upcoming features with one LOLYO license. You only get that with LOLYO!

Features sorted by category


Seamless communication to all employees

The LOLYO employee app is a mobile intranet that connects ALL of your company’s employees. This enables you to reach especially those 70% of the workforce who are not sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

News, notice board and chat are the three primary channels that guarantee an optimal flow of information to and among your employees.


The personal news feed keeps your employees up to date.

Spread news and important information directly to specific groups of employees. This way, your employees will only receive the information that is relevant to them. By using the like/comment function, you will generate valuable feedback in real time.

As soon as I open the app, I’m up to date!

Notice Board

The internal social media platform for your employees.

This is where your employees post personal experiences and information that they want to share with their colleagues in the company. This promotes the internal knowledge exchange and creates a motivating dialog among all your employees in social media style.

Chat & Push Notifications

The direct line to and between your employees.

Whether as a one-on-one chat, group chat or broadcast – the conversations always remain within the company. An absolute must-have in times of data protection and GDPR. The contact list makes it very easy to find the desired employees and to contact them directly. The chat is ideal for a quick exchange of knowledge and for easy team communication. Important information can also be sent directly to your employees’ smartphones via push message.

The fastest way to reach everyone

Groups, Roles & Languages

Personalized information,
services and languages.

You can assign all information and services in LOLYO to specific target groups. Thus, each person receives only the info that is relevant to them. For maintenance, you can assign clear permissions to the administrating persons, so that they can only edit certain areas for the different maintenance tasks. Non-native speakers can set up their app in their native language (currently over 20 languages).

I only get the info I’m interested in and in my native language.


The convenient source of information!

Launch your own podcast channel in your employee app. Audio files simplify information consumption. Whether news, training, instructions, or entertainment – your employees will love your listening program.


More is always possible!

Do you want more functionalities? LOLYO offers valuable add-ons to make your employees’ lives even easier.


Payrolls and the like directly onto the employee’s smartphone.

The eBox is LOLYO’s secure, fast, and easy way to distribute personal documents. Thanks to this feature, sensitive documents such as payslips can be sent encrypted and fully automated to selected recipients. Even server administrators do not have access to the sent files, as the data is stored encrypted on the server.

Appointment booking

Book time slots quickly and easily.

Whether it’ s meetings, massage, or vaccination appointments. With this feature you offer your employees an easy way of booking appointments. Thus, overbookings or a lack of capacity will no longer occur.

Automatic Translation

The easy way to share information in multiple languages.

LOLYO’s automatic translation allows you to translate the news feed into more than 20 languages with a single mouse click. All of your employees can then select the language in which they want to receive the information. This way, the latest information is always provided in the right language.

LOLYO employee app in corporate design

Your branding

You can easily adapt LOLYO to your corporate design using the integrated online designer.

Hence, your mobile intranet becomes a powerful part of your corporate identity. The corporate culture is actively lived and connects all employees and managers under the umbrella of a corporate philosophy.

LOLYO employee app backend

Easy to manage:

The maintenance of LOLYO is carried out using the most common web browsers and is extremely easy to handle.

LOLYO’s CMS guides users intuitively through all features. Therefore, the administration is absolutely simple. An easy-to-use statistics tool ensures that you can always keep an eye on app activities.

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