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Employees recruit employees

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Employee App Features

LOLYO connects

Team power is created by communication – communication creates a cross-company knowledge advantage.

The strength of the collective

Knowledge exchange on the social intranet

If all employees were aware of the company’s goals, a corporate culture would emerge that is characterised by a concentrated commonality. LOLYO is a social intranet and internal messenger. LOLYO motivates you to read and report. In this way, there is a constant exchange of information between employees and management levels.

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LOLYO enables

Practice and numerous studies confirm that the most important thing for human beings is not the level of remuneration, but rather the level of recognition.

Win Win for everyone

A unique motivational system

With LOLYO, your employees receive the important recognition and are motivated to participate. The system is based on the principle of reciprocity – a very strong fundamental principle of human action.

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LOLYO motivates

The greatest potential for the company’s success lies in the motivation of each individual employee.

Motivation through communication

If only you had more motivated employees?

Motivated employees give the company the decisive edge in the increasingly fierce competition. They are also the ones who make a real magnet for potential workers from a successful company.

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LOLYO forces

Recruiting via the recommendation of the own employees is the cheapest option for the company and the vacancy is also filled much faster.

Employees recruit employees

Word of mouth starts with its own employees

Word of mouth is the strongest and most efficient form of advertising – that’s no secret. For the first time, LOLYO offers you a tool to motivate your own employees to make personal recommendations.

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Gladly installed –
fully motivated!

The smartphone is an indispensable companion of our everyday life, which almost everyone owns and uses permanently*. LOLYO resembles a familiar social media environment in terms of design and function and therefore creates trust right from the start.

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*94 of Austrians up to the age of 69 use a smartphone, according to the Mobile Communications Report 2017.