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The digital heart of your internal communications

Reach and connect everyone in your organization in real time, creating the foundation for an inspiring company culture.

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The gateway to all your digital services

The connection to established third-party systems (Microsoft 365, SAP & Co.) is a breeze with LOLYO. As such, LOLYO can be integrated very easily into your existing digital system landscape. Hence, your employees can conveniently access all your digital services directly on their smartphones.

The LOLYO effect


of all employees
feel better informed

*at Elektro Heikes


of all employees
consider the app as added work value

*at Schmidt Saubere Arbeit. Klare Lösung.


of all employees
are actively using the app

*at Snow Space Salzburg

Interactive communication
in real time

The notice board has had its best days, as modern communication runs digitally nowadays. With the LOLYO employee app, you are on the cutting edge and reach ALL employees in real time directly on their smartphone.

  • News feed
  • Notice board
  • Messanger & Push
  • Groups & Roles

These channels replace classic communication channels and optimize the transfer of information, regardless of where your employees are located.

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Seamless interactive communication in real time
LOLYO Mitarbeiter-App Zitat zum News-Feed von Lena Goldmann, Agaplesion Kassel

The dissemination of company news is much more targeted. Based on likes and comments, direct feedback can be obtained, which was previously not possible with other tools

Lena Goldmann
Agaplesion Diakonie Kliniken Kassel gemeinnützige GmbH

Deeply connected
to your company

Create an employee experience others can only dream of. Formal internal processes, such as vacation requests or sick leave, will be a breeze with the employee app. Digital documents are accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Surveys
  • Library
  • Forms
  • Appointments
  • Contacts

Your employees will love you for simplifying these internal tasks with the employee app.

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An employee app for higher engagement and appreciation
LOLYO Mitarbeiter-App Zitat zum Umfrage Tool von Sanja Kajmakoska, Head of HR

We particularly appreciate the survey function in the app, which provides us with important market information. After all, the employees in the branches often know best what our customers want.

Sanja Kajmakoska

Motivates EVERYONE to participate

Free coffee and fresh fruits have long since ceased to be enough to motivate your employees to actively participate. With our unique motivation system, you can persuade even the last skeptics in your company.

  • Points for active participation
  • Valuable acknowledgement
  • Integrated goodie store

Engage everyone with LOLYO and be amazed at the high level of engagement of your employees in the employee app.

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LOLYO employee app motivation system: Everyone is participating actively
LOLYO Mitarbeiter-App Zitat zum Motivationssystem von Sandra Simeonidis-Huber, ZKW Group

Everyone loves to collect points for certain activities on the app and thereby participate in our competitions. This encourages interaction and motivates people to engage with the app.

Mag. (FH) Sandra Simeonidis-Huber M.E.S
ZKW Group

Adieu, skill shortage

With the active support of your co-workers, you will recruit those individuals who truly fit into your company’s needs.

  • More applicants
  • Optimal pre-, on- and off-boarding
  • Reduction of recruiting costs

Thanks to the employee-recruit-employee feature, everyone in your company becomes a passionate headhunter.

All features
LOLYO employee app social recruiting: Everyone contributes to the search for new staff
LOLYO Mitarbeiter-App Zitat zum Mitarbeiter-werben-Mitarbeiter Programm von Patrik Schlager, Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder Wien

Thanks to the employee-recruit-employee function of LOLYO, we could reduce our recruiting costs by 15% percent compared to the previous year.

Mag. Patrick Schlager
Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder Wien

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